What I Bring to the Table…

Mastering is one of the more misunderstood arts of audio engineering. It's that final stage of quality control where your mixes get scrutinized by an experienced engineer who is proficient at identifying deficiencies in the mix and correcting them. From broad stroke adjustments to the sonic spectrum to more surgical fixes, objectivity is paramount in preparing a song for release and ensuring everything is the best it possibly can be. Mastering engineers stake their reputations when they put their stamp of approval on a mix and send it out into the world.
Engineering is all about taste and mixing is my favorite part of the creative process. There are so many ways to influence a song in this stage and bring it to life. Artists seek me out for the personal sonic signature I impart on their art. We all have the same tools available to us, but it's the differences in taste and perception that separate us all at the end of the day. Listen to my style - if you dig it, I'd love to work with you to bring your project to its full potential.
I've been involved with producing music since I was a teenager who bought his first analog synthesizer and drum machine before he could drive. I've always had an interest in the technical side of sound, taking apart electronics from the age of six to see how things worked inside. I've had formal training in voice, saxophone and piano and even attended Musician's Institute for a short period. I love music - I love technology more so I find myself creating synthesizer presets and custom drum samples more than actual music but I've made and sold beats over the years and enjoy tinkering with all of it.