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My DIY Producer Stand Mod for the Sterling Modular Studio Desk.

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September 9, 2018

If you've read my blog post for the DIY Mixer Stand project, you already know that I have limited space in my studio. I needed a convenient way to integrate keyboards and drum machines into my workflow and a keyboard drawer wasn't possible with this desk. So I made my own solution.

I've used a variety traditional music desks in the past - you know, the kind that typically have room for a synth in front of you and some limited racks at the back or underneath. These are okay and get the job done but after seeing the Sterling Modular Mastering Desks being used for mixing at The Echobar Studios by my friends Bob and Erik, I knew I wanted to use this design in my own creative space


The stand I used before switching to the Sterling Modular.

Bob Horn's room at Echobar.


So like the Mixer Stand project, I did this impromptu as well with nothing more than a power saw, jig saw, drill and staple gun and tape measure.

After taking a couple measurements to see how wide and how tall I wanted this stand to be, I ran over to Lowes to find a board that looked like the right size.. An 11" board that was 8 feet long was the perfect specimen (which I barely managed to fit in my Mazda 3).

I used an old chair and a cooler as a stand to cut and drill the pieces then used some felt I had left over from another project to cover this thing with some adhesive and staples. It's not going to win any beauty contests underneath but I make it presentable enough on the exterior to be a worthy resident in my studio.


After that I added strip lights to the bottom to make it easier to see my keyboard and mouse as well take notes on a notepad. The lights still keep the vibe of the creative space, which is CRITICAL, by the way. A power switch I added lets me easily turn them off if I want. I also installed a power outlet with USB ports on for things like my BassStation 2, Roland boutique modules or just charge my phone.


This whole Producer Stand fits snugly on top of my Sterling Modular desk and is sturdy enough to hold a 40+ pound Moog Voyager with ease. The stand itself actually slides to the back of the desk if I want it more out of the way and taking it off is a breeze. It just lifts right off. Everything is right at my fingertips and ready to be used for production. When I'm ready to mix or master a project, I just lift it off to give me access to my outboard gear underneath!


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